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Freelance Invoice Template
the web's easiest online freelance invoicing system.

Freelance Invoice Template

iInvoicing is great for freelancers and small to medium size businesses.

This system fits hand in glove into a business and users spend less time on administration and more time working on the business, it is seamless and instant and any user logging in has all the files at hand then and there. It becomes a joy to invoice clients.

How this suits our customers
It goes without saying this online system suits any freelance and small to medium size business that wants to save time and money.

No envelopes or stamps to buy. No trips to the post office or mailbox. We know sometimes it takes businesses weeks to get around to actually creating and mailing their invoices. Now there will be no time wasted between when you want to invoice your clients and when you do invoice them.

Start Invoicing Now

iInvoicing Dashboard
Easy to View, Navigate and Track Invoices
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  Happy Users and Resellers
Customer Invoicing and
Account Maintenance
couldn’t be easier, a Unique
Simplified Invoicing System
for the 21st Century. We
thoroughly recommend it
David Jacobs,
Managing Director
SRJ Accounting Limited
Bookkeepers, London
iinvoicing is Brilliant, saved us
a fortune and between 1-2
working days every month.
Mark Taliana
Sound Stills Photographers
User, Kent.
At last, a simple and quick on line
solution for invoicing and
collection. It is intuitive and the
help screens guide you through
the process. It is perfect for the
small business with no in-house
bookkeeping experience.
Jeffrey Lermer
Conroy and Lermer
Chartered Accountants, Hertfordshire.
FAQS more
Who should use iinvoicing?
iinvoicing is perfect for anyone who needs to invoice clients for services or products
sold. iinvoicing is an excellent for most small businesses including photographers, designers, IT professionals, journalists, copywriters, architects, bookkeepers, etc. Basically, if you need to send invoices, whether you are a freelancer or run your own business iinvoicing is perfect.

What do I need?
iinvoicing is an elegant, simply designed web-application, and can be used with any
modern web browser. There's no need to download anything or confirgure anything.

How will my clients receive my invoices?
iinvoicing invoices are typically sent via email. You may also print your invoices if you want.

Can I add my logo to my invoices?
Absolutely. You can upload your own logo to make your invoices look as if they have come straight from your accounts department.
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Just recommend us and earn 10% commision on all on-going clients you introduce to us. If you are interested in becoming
a reseller please click here.
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