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FAQ's for iInvoicing.com
the web's easiest online invoicing system.


How do I get started?
Simply register your details, make payment, login and begin using your system. Nothing could be easier.

How to
How to LOGIN ?

Are there any signup fees or other hidden fees?
No. There are no sign up fees and no termination fees. This is a simple fixed cost per quarter or month and once you sign up, nothing changes.

Do you offer any versions of your system for free?
No we don't. There are many Internet companies that do business this way. They get as many users as possible and attempt to make money through advertising revenue. However this is not the path we chose to go down. We treat paying clients with respect and attend to their needs. We have built a clientele upon people that want quality. We do not wish to overwhelm ourselves with non-payers to the detriment of paying customers.

Can you customise the system for us?
Our system is offered as a standard package. However, if you have any ideas that you feel you would like to be added we have two choices. 1. If the proposed change is something everyone can benefit from, we may add it to the system as a general upgrade. 2. If it is something specific to your company, we could set you up with your own version of the system and makes changes to that for a fee agreeable between both parties.

Do you have a refund policy?
Our relationship is based on a quarterly-to-quarterly service. It is strictly a pay as you go proposition. You pay as you go; just like rent. If, at any time, you wish to quit using the service just quit paying.

Are there any contracts to sign?
The beauty of our system is its simplicity. The same holds true for the billing. When you choose to use the system you simply pay the first quarter or yeart and start using it. If you decide to not to use you just quit paying. There are no contracts to sign and no hidden requirements to fulfill. This makes us accountable too. We have to deliver quality service or we won't be around. We know that. However, your use of the Web Site shall be deemed to be your agreement to abide by each of the terms set out in the Terms of Business.

Can we pay in advance?
All payments are for advance usage. You can choose to pay either quarterly or yearly. We do offer a discount for accounts paid a year in advance. You can choose to pay by cheque or credit card. We always mail invoices for your records.

How does the 30 Day Free Trial Offer Work?
This is a fully functional system with all the capabilities of the other systems. We will issue you a username and password and you can use the system as you see fit. We understand you want to see how the system functions first hand and this is the perfect way to do so. After using the system free for three months, if you decide you want to keep using it we will issue you an invoice. You can pay it and continue using the system or if you would rather not continue to use the system we will simply discontinue your membership. The choice is up to you.

How do you price your system? Is it per user?
We have a fee for using the system. It's simple. There are no user additional fees or other hidden costs. You simply pay and that's it.

Are there any long-term commitments required?
We do not require that you sign any contracts or enter into any long-term commitment. The system is pay as you go. If you decide you wish to discontinue the service just quit paying the invoice.

Can I pay with Credit Card?
Yes, you may pay by credit card. You also have the option of paying by invoice and cheque.

What Credit Cards do you take?
We take Mastercard and Visa. We do not take American Express.

Do you offer any other systems?
We offer many fully featured Internet systems and online solutions, for further information of our online systems go to our site at UK Website Solutions.

  Happy Users and Resellers
Customer Invoicing and
Account Maintenance
couldn’t be easier, a Unique
Simplified Invoicing System
for the 21st Century. We
thoroughly recommend it
David Jacobs,
Managing Director
SRJ Accounting Limited
Bookkeepers, London
iinvoicing is Brilliant, saved us
a fortune and between 1-2
working days every month.
Mark Taliana
Sound Stills Photographers
User, Kent.
At last, a simple and quick on line
solution for invoicing and
collection. It is intuitive and the
help screens guide you through
the process. It is perfect for the
small business with no in-house
bookkeeping experience.
Jeffrey Lermer
Conroy and Lermer
Chartered Accountants, Hertfordshire.
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Who should use iinvoicing?
iinvoicing is perfect for anyone who needs to invoice clients for services or products
sold. iinvoicing is an excellent for most small businesses including photographers, designers, IT professionals, journalists, copywriters, architects, bookkeepers, etc. Basically, if you need to send invoices, whether you are a freelancer or run your own business iinvoicing is perfect.

What do I need?
iinvoicing is an elegant, simply designed web-application, and can be used with any
modern web browser. There's no need to download anything or confirgure anything.

How will my clients receive my invoices?
iinvoicing invoices are typically sent via email. You may also print your invoices if you want.

Can I add my logo to my invoices?
Absolutely. You can upload your own logo to make your invoices look as if they have come straight from your accounts department.
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